How many people fit on a cart?

We have two styles of carts. We have carts that carry 5 passengers and 7 passengers. If you have a larger group, we will take multiple carts.

Can you pickup at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel?

Unfortunately, no. That is out of our service area as directed by the city of Nashville. However Opryland offers a shuttle into downtown and we are usually able to pick you up at the shuttle stop.

Am I guaranteed the time that I booked online?

In general, yes. However, in some circumstances we may need to change your tour time. We try to limit this as we know your time is valuable and there are lots of things you want to do while in Nashville!

Can my 4 year old go on the golf cart?

No, children 4 and under are not permitted under city regulations. Children 5-8 must be in a booster or car seat. Joyride can provide booster seats at special request.

What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is different for each of our tours. For specific tour cancellation policies, please refer to the booking page for your specific tour or call us.

Can we drink alcohol or other beverages on the golf carts?

No. Due to a new city ordinance, we are no longer allowed to allow alcohol on any vehicle that is not enclosed.

If you wish to bring any other beverage that is non-alcoholic, feel free!

Why do I have to wear my seatbelt?

Safety! It’s the safest way to travel in any vehicle. Additionally, it is a state law that everyone wears a seatbelt.

What if I have a special request or need?

We will absolutely do our best to accommodate any request or need that you have. Just call us and let’s make it happen!

Where do we meet for our tour?

All of our tours start at our office: 833 9th Ave South. If using an Iphone, use 833 Hawkins Street.

Will I hear from my tour guide prior to my tour?

Yes, a tour guide will contact you and introduce themselves the day prior to your tour. We make this contact between 4PM and 9PM.

What if I need to make a change to my reservation?

Simply send an email with your reservation number, name and contact number with the requested change to:

Can my children ride on the monster truck(s)?

Yes, all ages are welcome to ride on the truck(s). You will need to purchase a ticket for each person on the truck regardless of age.

What is your policy if its raining?

All of our tours run rain or shine. If you wish to reschedule due to weather, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however, its not a guarantee. Joyride has the right to cancel a tour at any time due to inclement weather. If your tour is cancelled by Joyride you will receive a full refund.

While on a tour, can we make a bathroom stop?

Yes, simply ask your tour guide.

May I bring my pet?

Absolutely, you are more than welcome to bring your pet when booking a VIP (private) tour only!