Learn more about Joyride Knoxville’s presence on the UT Knoxville campus and learn student reactions through the link below.


“With a successful team of carts serving the downtown Nashville area, Rosenblatt said that his first choice for expansion was his Alma Mater.”

“We were looking at other cities, but I felt — being a UT graduate — that our services would be needed,” Rosenblatt said. “As a former student, I remember all the hills in Fort Sanders and the crowds on game day. We knew it would be a viable market.”

“As of yet, Joy Ride drivers have encountered no such problems. Unlike Uber, Joy Ride Knoxville’s staff is almost entirely run by students of the university, a structure Rosenblatt said he plans to uphold.”

“Currently receiving 1,500 calls a week with only three carts, Rosenblatt said Joy Ride is hoping to continue serving and employing the student body more as the year progresses.”

“For sophomore student driver Liam Aronoff, his experience with Joy Ride has been one of social interaction and campus exploration. As a Joy Ride employee, Aronoff receives 50 percent of the tips he receives from customers.”

“I don’t really look at it as a job, because I’m driving a golf cart around all the time,” Aronoff said with a smile.”