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Bar Golf Crawl

Nashville's only bar golf! Let's putt and drink!

Quick Details

Duration: 2 hours

Guests: Four-person minimum

Ages:  Children 5-7 must be in booster seat. Anyone not 21 may not be allowed in all/any bars. Subject to each bar’s policies.

FAQ: For additional information, read our Frequently Asked Questions


Come Play Bar Golf!

What do you get when you combine a mobile putt-putt course, Nashville’s best tour company, and five great local bars? It’s the Joyride Nashville Bar Golf!

Joyride’s Bar Golf is a recreational drinking game involving a selection of five bars, predetermined drinks based on how well you putt, penalty list for penalty points, and of course – transport by golf cart – creating a fun and unique course to be played by four or more people. Throughout the tour, we visit some of Nashville’s hottest midtown bars and experience their Southern Hospitality.

It’s your traditional pub crawl transformed into a game. You won’t find another tour as unique and fun as this one. Get ready to putt and drink on this two-hour adventure. Remember – in golf, the lowest score wins!

Drinks are NOT included in the price of the tour. Average drink price: $6

All groups are subject to being paired with others! Usually with drinking games, the more the merrier!

A tour guide will contact you with-in 24 hours of your tour time to arrange a meeting or pick-up location. We usually contact via text message the day prior to your scheduled tour.

Additional questions and answers can be found by clicking here: Frequently Asked Questions

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