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“The Manager’s Special” Tour

Mix 3 tours into one 3-hour excursion!

Adult Ages 18+
Child Ages 5-17

Welcome to “The Manager’s Special” Tour!

This is new and unique experience. If you are interested in seeing and doing more than simply a sightseeing tour or a mural tour, this is a new and unique experience! During this 3 hour excursion you will spend your time seeing the sights, visiting murals, and visiting a brewery or two or even a distillery! We want the choice to be yours. This customized tour is basically 1 hour of each of these types of tours: Explore the City of Nashville, Mural/Insta Tour, and Brewery/Distillery Tour. This is your chance to do and see more without doing 3 separate tours!

Please note: If booking an earlier tour such as 9am or 10am, there are limited breweries/distilleries open. In this case, we can take you to unique and fun bars away from Broadway.

For additional information, read our Frequently Asked Questions