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The Manager’s Special Tour

Mix 3 tours into one 3-hour excursion!

Quick Details

Ages 5-7 must be in a booster seat.

Adult Ages 18+
Child Ages 5-17

Welcome to “The Manager’s Special” Tour!

This is our newest and most dynamic experience. If you are interested in seeing and doing more than simply a sightseeing tour or a mural tour, this is a new and unique experience! During this 3 hour excursion you will spend your time seeing the sights, visiting murals, and visiting a brewery or two or even a distillery! We want the choice to be yours. This customized tour is basically 1 hour of each of these types of tours: Explore the City of Nashville, Mural/Insta Tour, and Brewery/Distillery Tour. This is your chance to do and see more without doing 3 separate tours!

If you are booking a “VIP Private” this tour is completely customizable as well. You can spend the 3 hours how you want. The choice is yours!

Please note: If booking an earlier tour such as 9am or 10am, there are limited breweries/distilleries open. In this case, we can take you to unique and fun bars away from Broadway or we can do more sights and murals.

With this tour, groups of two may be paired with up to three other people unless you select the VIP option. The VIP option simply means that you will not be paired with others.

A tour guide will contact you with-in 24 hours of your tour time to arrange a meeting or pick-up location. We usually contact via text message the day prior to your scheduled tour.

For additional information, read our Frequently Asked Questions

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